Global Innovation Professionals is the consulting practice of Jim Goldman,
an industry-leading packaging and supply chain specialist previously working for The Coca-Cola Company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Jim served the Coca-Cola system’s bottlers, suppliers and project teams throughout
the world.

Jim now infuses his 30 years of achievements in the packaging and consumer product goods (CPG) industries and his wide range of experience and expertise into forward-thinking solutions and innovation for both end-user and supplier operations across the entire worldwide CPG industry.

Through Global Innovation Professionals, Jim provides clients:

Whether working strategically with a headquarters unit on a global change or in the field to discover and implement critical localized solutions/changes, Jim provides clients with exacting and dynamic packaging technical knowledge including authoritative experience in glass packaging and supply chain management.

Global Innovation Professionals currently provides services for

Global Innovation Professionals works as part of your team to provide proven abilities that can define and solve current problems, craft innovative and strategic vision for the future, and deliver the acumen needed to create finely-honed procedures to help create, introduce and implement new products, packages and processes efficiently and profitably.

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